JMSP Entertainment & Films Embarks on New Documentary Series Called “We Kept America Great”

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JMSP Entertainment & Films Embarks on New Documentary Series Called “We Kept America Great”

The JMSP team, headed by Johnnie O. Michael, Sr. and Dr. Pamela McCauley, intends to crowdfund their upcoming docuseries about racial equality in America.

JMSP Entertainment & Films, based in Orlando, FL, has announced new details about their upcoming documentary series called “We Kept America Great.” This project, launching this month, explores the contributions of minority groups that made the United States of America the cultural and economic powerhouse it is today.

The team spearheading “We Kept America Great” is led by Johnnie O. Michael, Sr. of JMSP Entertainment and Films, and Dr. Pamela McCauley of Transforming Your STEM Career. Both have worked toward equality and inclusion in their respective fields. They want to bring the conversation about diversity into the average American home and believe that we can engineer a more inclusive future if we deeply study our history.

This documentary series will be delivered in five installments, spotlighting the contributions of African Americans, LatinX Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Immigrants from around the world. From the era of slavery in the days of the founding fathers to contemporary American life, people in each of these minority groups have given their proverbial blood, sweat, and tears on the pathway toward making America a global leader.

“We find ourselves in a state of struggle as we search for ways to level the playing field for people of every heritage, every background,” said Johnnie O. Michael, Sr. “By reclaiming our history, acknowledging all American’s contributions and recognizing how important diversity and inclusion are to our country’s future, we hope to create a culture of respect and togetherness. Our ultimate goal is to unite the people of America because we ALL kept America great.”

The first installment of “We Kept America Great” will debut via virtual premiere in mid-September. This film will focus on the contributions of African Americans and feature insightful and enlightening interviews with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Congresswoman Val Demings, and scholars who shed a spotlight on the priceless contributions of African Americans.  Scholars provide evidence of how the early contributions from the uncompensated labor of African Americans became the cornerstone of the nation’s economic acceleration.   The project is being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. To learn more or if you are interested in contributing, call JMSP Entertainment & Films at 407-567-2550 today.

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