JMSP Entertainment Sets Launch Date for We Kept America Great Crowdfunding Campaign

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JMSP Entertainment Sets Launch Date for We Kept America Great Crowdfunding Campaign

young man in suit interviewed by Johnnie O. Michael, Sr.JMSP Entertainment, in partnership with Dr. Pamela McCauley, TSTEM, Inc., will host a virtual premiere celebration on October 19 to promote the crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming documentary series.

Orlando, FL–JMSP Entertainment in partnership with Dr. Pamela McCauley of TSTEM, Inc.,  the creators of the We Kept America Great documentary series, announced today the upcoming launch date of the “We Kept America Great Documentary crowdfunding campaign on Monday, October 19, 2020 at (TIME). 

To assist us in As part of our  launch the series with a premiere celebration and interview panel via Zoom meeting. This high impact event will be hosted by Swann Christopher and moderated by Marsha Jews. 

We Kept America Great is a five-part series exploring the immense foundational impact minority groups have had on the United States, focusing on African Americans, Native Americans, Latinx Americans, Asian Americans, and immigrants, respectively. In a political climate of mistrust and misinformation, this documentary series reconsiders the American history we know and sets the record straight to help guide us to a culture of respect and understanding today.

“Unfortunately, the disregard and lack of acknowledgment of contributions from minorities in America has been going on for centuries,” says Johnnie O. Michael, Sr., founder and CEO of JMSP Entertainment. “However, recent scholarly works have begun to uncover the realities and the powerful impact of minorities on this country. On our journey to setting the record straight, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with incredible people with incredible voices that deserve to be amplified.”

The team behind We Kept America Great is headed by Mr. Michael and Dr. Pamela McCauley, an internationally recognized Industrial Engineering researcher, STEM advocate, university leader, seasoned entrepreneur, and innovator. Together, they have performed in-depth research into American heritage and documented the stories of policymakers, prominent media figures, and notable academic leaders, creating a compelling narrative and encouraging an equal future.

Joining the team for this event are Marsha Jews, founder and CEO of Marsha Jews & Company, LLC, and WKIMRadioNetwork Executive Producer; and Swann Christopher, owner of Swann Christopher Productions and Instructor at Talk to the Camera. Swann will conduct the interview portion of the event, while Marsha moderates the panel. JMSP is thrilled to be joined by both of these incredible individuals who have contributed so much to the project’s success.

The digital premiere will be hosted on Zoom on Monday, October 19, and feature an interview session, a Q&A panel, and a viewing of the film trailer. All are encouraged to attend this free event. The crowdfunding campaign for We Kept America Great will launch on the same day on Seed & Spark ( We encourage all attendees to participate and create an atmosphere of respect for one another.

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