A Letter of Thanks to Our Director and Editor, Krystal Alexandria

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A Letter of Thanks to Our Director and Editor, Krystal Alexandria


What an incredible feeling it is to know that our journey is only just beginning, and yet we have already come so far. When we set out to talk to people from all walks of life, to understand their histories and their visions for the future, we knew we were embarking on something that would become a movement–not just a moment. We have connected with so many incredible people along the way who have shared our passions and our desire to make this country a place where people of all races and backgrounds can grow and excel together. 

krystal alexandria in front of a brick wall with sunglasses and a hat onOur team is small but mighty, made of some of those incredible people who are mobilized to create change and inspire others through the art of documentary storytelling. Today, we write to you to celebrate some wonderful news from one of our team members. Krystal Alexandria, lead editor at Krystal Clear Media and our own director and editor for We Kept America Great, has received Emmy nominations for Best Director and Best Editor for a non-news program for the exemplary work she did on “We Kept America Great”. It comes as no surprise to us that she has received recognition for her work, and we feel truly blessed to have her on our team. 

Krystal has previously earned a number of awards for her work, including Best Editing at End of Days Film Challenge 2015 for The Ferryman Short Film, and Best Editing at Creature Feature Competition 2018. Not only is she highly skilled in her work, she also brings keen insights to the table and has given us so many opportunities for growth. 

Just like we couldn’t have turned our vision into reality without the help of our talented team, we can’t spread our message without your voice. We’ve spoken to professors, policymakers, educators, entrepreneurs, and caretakers who each contribute to this nation in unique and powerful ways. Your story is one worth telling, one that can inspire and enlighten others in your community and beyond. Your continued support is appreciated beyond measure.

Please join us in wishing Krystal congratulations on her Emmy nominations and in celebrating the stories and contributions of African Americans across this great nation. We are so grateful to be working with such a talented, compassionate individual and can’t wait to continue on this great journey in partnership with her.

In closing, we at JMSP Entertainment and Films are believing the very best for Krystal in all of her future endeavors.

God bless


The JMSP Team

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